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Go Wild: Sustainable landscape design for our local climate
Build resiliency in your garden for Victoria’s dry and rainy seasons 
Go Wild: Sustainable landscape design for our local climate image

Our long, dry summer had many homeowners and home gardeners alike considering ways to do more in the garden with less water. Now that the fall rains have arrived, you might wonder how to find plants that also accommodate those conditions – and look great doing it.

The answer may be closer than you think, suggests Emma Ross, co-owner with​​ Sierra Stacey of Wilder Restoration, which specializes in sustainable landscape design, installation, and consultation using native plants.

If you’ve seen the cheery early spring flowers of red flowering currant, or marveled at the glossy green foliage of Oregon grape in the depths of winter, you know what native, drought-tolerant plants can add to the landscape. 

“There are so many plants that can be planted for interest in every season,” Ross notes.

But their true benefits come in their natural ability to support local ecosystems – and the birds and wildlife that live in them – while thriving in our unique climate, naturally.

That means less water used in the heat of summer – and less time spent watering. 

This time of year, the Wilder Restoration team is also installing many rain gardens as a way to accommodate the considerable water that falls from October through May.

To learn how rewilding your landscape can bring beauty and function to your garden, call 250-589-2139 or visit online at